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Creating a pet-friendly home needn’t come at the expense of cleanliness or style. Georgia Jordan has sniffed out some modern pet-friendly home de?cor that can be integrated into your home to meet the lifestyle needs of all its occupants, the four-legged kind included.

Home is the place you should feel content to be yourself, so why shouldn’t the same go for your furry friend? Pets require the same basic creature comforts that we do for physical and mental wellbeing, namely shelter, water, shade, daylight, good air circulation and space for recreational activities.

Meeting these needs doesn’t necessitate cluttering your home with plastic pet paraphernalia, kitsch climbing poles and toys that literally resemble something the cat dragged in. Whether you live in a high-rise apartment or rurally, modern pet-friendly design solutions can be tastefully integrated into your home in a way that significantly improves the mutual happiness of you and your pet.


Dedicating a room to your four-legged friend will have multiple benefits for you both. Choose your pooch’s most common point of entry; whether it’s the entryway, laundry or kitchen, this is the best place to prevent muddy paw prints from decorating your hallway after it’s been raining cats and dogs.

Regular baths will keep your home and your dog in great condition. Installing a pet shower with a handheld nozzle between the existing cabinetry in your canine’s room is a convenient, space-saving solution that will prevent back pain caused by bending low over a bathtub.

Storing all pet-related items here is not only convenient, but will promote good habits for both you and your pet, while keeping your house tidier. Include a washing basket and storage for towels, along with a stylish wall hook to keep leashes untangled. If you have a dog, for a thoughtful touch, paint the room yellow or blue, as these are the colours it can see!


Built-in feeding bowl drawers are a functional way to free up floor space, while low shelves allow bowls to be tucked away when not in use, away from foot traffic.

Integrating a feeding station into the lower part of an island bench or other cabinetry is an innovative way to promote a sleek aesthetic – designs with a built-in airtight dog food bin will make feeding times more convenient. Quick, inexpensive options for storing dog food include old-fashioned metal garbage bins or large plastic containers.


Pets require a comfortable place to nap that’s free of draughts and not too separate from your day-to-day activities. A stylish, cushy bed can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room and keep your pet off the couch. Built-in dog beds look great in niches beneath stairs and in existing cabinetry – even coffee tables!
Space-saving wall-mounted beds allow cats to nap at a comfortable vantage point where they can view their surroundings and channel their inner leopard, while looking like an elegant piece of wall art! Hanging cat beds are also popular and will add visual interest to your living space, while concealed hammocks placed under chairs provide cats some alone time.


A scratching post is essential for keeping your cat in good health and your furniture in good condition. Unattractive, synthetic-looking cat trees are becoming a thing of the past, with designers around the world producing beautiful organic designs, such as wicker sphere towers and sculptural cat trees that are made from old fallen trees.

Wrapping sisal rope around pipes, poles and table legs is an easy, inexpensive way to provide your cat with plenty of opportunities to scratch, while protecting your furniture and adding a stylish touch to your interior aesthetic. Once frayed, the rope can be easily uncoiled and replaced.

Impress your guests with wall- and ceiling- mounted walkways, perches and posts that save space and provide adventurous cats with endless fun. Many modern designs double as wall art with chic geometric shapes, while also serving as a handy bookshelf.


Dogs and cats are nosy creatures that like to observe what’s happening in the outside world, both for peace of mind and for entertainment, so eye-level access to a window is essential.

If you have high windows, placing suitable furniture such as a window seat, bench or console table beneath at least one of them is a good idea, and you should also install a screen or bars for safety.

Pet owners will benefit from roller blinds, which are easy to wipe clean and less likely to be damaged by the claws and noses of curious pets.

Instead of a doggie door, a doggie window will welcome more light into your interior spaces and invite the great outdoors. Dogs have a heightened sense of smell and will be comforted by windows that can be kept open. Doggie windows positioned to the rear of the house will prevent dogs from getting too vocal while watching passers-by on the footpath.


Coordinating your colour palette around your pet is a charming tribute that will also prevent you from getting overwhelmed by choices. By making stray hairs less noticeable, you won’t be chasing your tail trying to keep your couch spotless.

Washable, tightly woven fabrics with busy patterns and textures will best camouflage stains and pet hair. Natural linens can conceal both dark and light fur, while velvet and chenille are magnets for pet hair. Avoid delicate fabrics that can be easily ruined by your pets. Leather couches are easily wiped down and will develop a beautiful patina over time, however they are more susceptible to punctures from sharp claws.
When it comes to styling your couch, a wool throw will offer protection, while accent cushions with removable, washable slipcovers are the cat’s pajamas to pet owners.


Area rugs provide a range of benefits to pets and their owners. While protecting floors from scratches and stains, an area rug will offer a comfortable spot for a catnap, soften the echoes of barks, and muffle the sound of thumping tails and fallen toys.

Sisal, jute and seagrass rugs are inexpensive, durable and reversible. However, they can’t be cleaned so if you have a large, oily-coated dog that loves a good roll in the mud, a stain-resistant wool rug is best.

Avoid long-pile rugs with wide-loop strands that will snag claws and potentially cause damage to both the rug and your pet. Placing a non-slip rug pad beneath the rug will protect older dogs and cats from slipping on polished floors.


Wall art and cast-iron doorstops are perfect decorations for a pet-friendly home as they can’t be easily damaged, while a wall- mounted, closed display cabinet will keep fragile collectables safe from curious claws. Litter trays can be hidden inside side tables and baskets to keep your place looking tidy, while rounded coffee tables will prevent bruises if your pets enjoy a game of tag.


Sufficient shade is crucial for a pet-friendly backyard, while a play area with balance beams, tunnels and hiding spots can be created using plants and hardscaping. Domed portholes in fences connect dogs to the world beyond, helping to reduce frustrated barking at untraceable noises.

Rattan- or wood-framed outdoor furniture with stain-proof, highly durable synthetic slipcover cushions are highly recommended for pet-owners.

A simple, effective washing station can be installed with a concrete or stone platform and access to water. When it comes to landscaping, remember that your dog will like to patrol the perimeter, so avoid placing delicate plants where they’re likely to tread.

Integrating modern pet-friendly design elements throughout your home will mean you won’t need to jump through hoops to keep your living spaces looking clean, which leaves you with more time to spend in the companionship of your happy four- legged friend.


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