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Off To The Hamptons

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Off To The Hamptons
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The epitome of coastal comfort and casual sophistication, the style of Hamptons-inspired homes has cemented its claim as an aspirational architectural and interior design staple. Rene? Hart explores the unique features of this nautical look, which has become a perennial favourite.

Hamptons-style homes have captured the hearts of Australians in recent years, and it’s easy to see why! Elegant and luxurious, these homes are also casual, comfortable and beautifully timeless. Making the journey from the shores of New York’s most affluent neighbourhoods, the Hamptons look has been welcomed with open arms by local homeowners, and has found its way into Sydney’s streetscapes.

Hamptons-style homes are renowned for aging gracefully, thanks to layers upon layers of understated elegance and timeless coastal living.

Although the style of the Hamptons was born in a seaside neighbourhood, properties don’t necessarily need to be situated along the waterfront to emulate this aesthetic. Hamptons- inspired styling can be incorporated throughout the home, from walls and floors, to furniture and even lighting. Here, Sydney Home Design + Living looks at the unique Hamptons-style features that capture the warmth, comfort and sophistication of this glamorous seaside retreat.


The Hamptons style is defined by an appreciation of the area’s summer virtues, and is designed to promote an effortless transition between the home’s indoor and outdoor living spaces. Incorporating elements of the Hamptons into your home encourages an indoor/outdoor integration for greater functional living. Hamptons-inspired homes typically have cosy corners for reading or quiet study, as well as generous everyday living and entertaining spaces that open up to reveal landscaped gardens. A spacious kitchen is a necessity and invites family and friends to gather around food and socialise, while wide, covered verandahs extend the living areas, turning the outdoor space into an extension of the home.

Bring the outdoors in by including plenty of plants in your home, such as golden cane palm trees and fiddle fig trees, which mimic the lush plant life of the beach and add colour to the de?cor. Ornaments like nautical-inspired ropes used as table centrepieces, shells displayed in clear glass jars, and items made out of driftwood are great ways to incorporate elements of nature to enhance the fresh appeal and atmosphere of your Hamptons-inspired abode.


A striking feature of the Hamptons home is its colour palette. Coastal influences are evident in tones of grey, navy, duck egg blue, beige and traditional stripes, which make this a very desirable look. This nautical colour scheme is what achieves the fresh sensation that is associated with the Hamptons. Enhancing the abundance of natural light in the home and incorporating the reflective quality of white painted details – be it on the walls, furnishings or built-in cabinetry – you can introduce a sense of openness to your space that mimics the relaxed beach atmosphere. Pale neutrals work best to show off the details that make a Hamptons home so appealing. Incorporating subtle panelled detailing gives any room an added style and interest.

Dark chocolate brown or sun-bleached timber floors create a more relaxed atmosphere and channel the light, airy Hamptons feel to provide an attractive base for furniture and de?cor. Utilising rugs, such as sisal or jute, in blue and white stripes will help create a sense of warmth while defining sitting areas within the home and providing softness underfoot.


A distinctive feature of the Hamptons is the use of natural light. Bathing your home in light to create a breezy ambience is paramount to capturing the quintessential essence of Hamptons interiors. Using large, bay-style windows with white, wooden shutters in your home will provide stylish privacy. Open up your living spaces to the outdoors with the installation of French doors or skylights where possible, for more natural light exposure in the depths of your home.

Well-chosen lighting is an essential element in designing a Hamptons-style home, adding grace and ambience to your space, while also enhancing the qualities of your furnishings, textures and architectural features. By using a range of different lighting solutions, you can complement the natural light and make a statement that will help to define the space. Pendant lights, overhead and wall lighting in metal, ceramic or wood work well to provide extra light at night, while blending into your de?cor. Lamps are a great way to introduce accents of colour and texture, as well as being a practical and sculptural element in your room. Choose clean, bright styles to follow the sophistication of beachside living.


Hamptons-style homes are not only sophisticated and stylish, but comfortable as well. It’s essential that the space is relaxing, so keep comfort in mind when choosing your furniture pieces. Look out for plush seating for your relaxation areas, whether that’s indoors or out. Add cushions and throws to make your seating cosy and warm. Explore different fabric options, such as natural suede and leather choices, to really capture the essence of the Hamptons.

The Hamptons style borrows largely from the French Provincial, Art Deco and Nouveau periods. Furnishings and decorations are often made up of an eclectic selection, where vintage pieces are equally balanced with contemporary furniture.

Add antique or vintage pieces that blend the old with the new to enhance the natural and textural appeal of the Hamptons. Interesting focal points might include an elegant, deep-buttoned chair, or comfortable sofas with neutral linen or ramie slipcovers.

Beautifully textured and tailored slip-covered sofas in pure linen or white cotton drill is a favourite among Hamptons homeowners and exudes luxury, while also offering modern practicality. Introduce contrasting patterns or colours to other upholstered pieces, such as armchairs, benches, ottomans or even an upholstered coffee table, to bring a sense of formality in your living spaces.

Wicker furniture is very popular in the Hamptons for a relaxed and understated elegance, particularly in less formal areas, though keep pieces high-end in appearance. A few carefully- selected scattered cushions and the finest mohair throws perfectly complete this look.

Natural oak timber furniture, such as dining tables, coffee tables, display cabinets and entertainment units, work beautifully with linens, and light-coloured homewares add the all-important casual beach vibe to a Hamptons- style home.

Built-in furniture, including your bookcases, window seats and reading nooks, are a hallmark of Hamptons-style homes and also help channel its classic characteristics.

Perfectly suited to the Australian lifestyle, and blending casual elegance with sophistication and coastal influences, as well as exuding relaxation, comfort and style, a Hamptons-inspired home will allow you to enjoy breezy beach living for years to come.

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