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For this project, the team at Parkwood Modular Buildings carefully followed the clients’ exacting brief for a holiday- rental, beach-heritage home that oozes Hamptons style. ‘Margaret’s Hamptons Beach House’ reflects its name perfectly with a cohesive coastal appearance, which was achieved in both its design and styling. More photographs can be viewed online, where you can also enquire about renting the property in order to gain ideas for your next project.

The Hamptons aesthetic was accomplished through the inclusion of special architraves, which were installed around all windows, doors and wall panelling. Floor to ceiling glass doors were fitted along the rear wall to provide an abundance of natural light. Skylights and a water tank were included in the design to ensure the home is energy- and water-efficient. All custom-made joinery was installed by Kincumber Kitchens for a seamless finish.

The proposed high-pitched roof proved impossible to transport to the location. To remedy this issue, Parkwood Modular Buildings expertly provided the largest possible roof of 4.2m, which mirrors the steeped effect the clients requested.

Shaun Manfredotti from Built Republic is a regular sub-contractor to Parkwood Modular Buildings for all required site-built carpentry. He provided the front fence, balcony railing, rear ramp and stairs, and strove to achieve a cohesive and elegant appearance. A feature hanging light from Beacon Lighting is positioned over the island bench in the kitchen to add an artistic touch to the space.

Caesarstone benches in ‘Snow’ provide ample space for food preparation and entertaining, while remaining consistent with the styling of the home. The cabinetry features contrasting Hamptons-style handles to maintain the aesthetic the clients requested.

The bathrooms and laundry feature classic monochrome tiles by Renditions Tiles, while a freestanding bath with silver feet adds a touch of elegance to the main bathroom. The basins and bath were purchased from Sydney Tap and Bathroomware for a cohesive effect.

Parkwood Modular Buildings has been providing quality homes throughout New South Wales since its establishment in 1988. John McDougall founded the company, which specialises in modular homes and buildings.

Building more than 100 homes per year, you can rest assured that your next project is in the best hands with Parkwood Modular Buildings. The esteemed company has been recognised on numerous occasions with awards from the Housing Industry Association (HIA) and the Master Builders Association (MBA).

Parkwood Modular Buildings has also completed commercial projects, school buildings and granny flats. Its experienced team and quality products ensure every client receives a perfect result, every time.


Project 1



Parkwood Modular Buildings, a company specialising in prefabricated, factory-built and transportable homes, has the ability to take difficult sites and use innovative designs to create modern, show-stopping homes.

For the first featured project, Parkwood Modular Buildings worked on a difficult site that, because of its odd triangular- shaped block, made using a project home out of the question. To overcome this challenge, the company’s head designer Deanne Ohlsen came up with a concept that included staggered sections and the use of two different roof styles to enhance the articulation of the home.

The client was drawn to the lovely glimpses of water from the site and wanted to maximise on this in the home’s design. The designer worked with the site constraints to create a totally bespoke home, using a variety of flat and cathedral ceilings to add flair, varying the wall claddings to bolster aesthetic appeal, and positioning windows and a large rear deck to capture the available water views.

From the conception of this home, it was essential to have the Parkwood Modular Buildings designer work closely alongside the clients to physically scope the site and have a full understanding of the challenges that had to be met. This resulted in a unique, custom-built home that satisfied all the clients’ requirements.

For the second project, the main challenge was the sheer narrowness of the site, with the adjacent homes barely a metre off the boundary. At only six metres wide, the land was most likely intended for a driveway garage for the adjacent home.

The client’s brief was for a narrow two-storey terrace to suit the size of the block.

With two upstairs bedrooms, a balcony and bathroom, as well as a kitchen, dining and living area on the lower floor, the design also manages to incorporate two porches at each end. The majority of the fittings were specially sourced and supplied by the client, and Parkwood Modular Buildings worked to create a stylish home with a comfortable beach vibe.

Unique and affordable, the build and installation had to deal with the site’s extreme restrictions and also meet the regulations of a site in a flood-prone classified area. Located close to Newcastle harbour, the home lends itself well to a marine or beach house style, with double-insulated windows and a high pitched roof.

For the next featured projects, the Kelly family home and the Simpson family home, the company was able to overcome constraints to deliver two outstanding homes that meet all of the requirements outlined in each brief.

For the Kelly family’s property, the company had to make sure the home was easy to maintain and reflective of the owners’ sophisticated style. The end result is an open home, with lots of storage and built-in cupboards so as to not add unnecessary clutter to the space. The home’s high windows take advantage of the northerly sun and natural light, ensuring the house receives a warm and airy atmosphere.

The Simpson home has been designed to maximise the enjoyment of its enviable position, offering a breathtaking look over the National Park and valley views across to the coastline. The home serves as a main residence and an office, with an adjoining self-contained granny flat, all under one roof. The rugged terrains and environmental considerations did pose a considerable challenge, with the design having to meet rigorous demands of a high-fire rated area – all the appropriate fire walls were then integrated into the design.

With 28 years of experience, the team at Parkwood Modular Buildings believes it is at the leading edge of the industry, delivering affordable and innovative designs with minimal impact to the home site.

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