Pop Of Colour

ILVE is excited to announce that a selection of its most popular oven collections are now available to be custom-built in almost 2000 colours, allowing you to add a truly unique touch to your cooking space.

Whether you’d like a zesty lemon hue to brighten up your kitchen, or even an autumnal warm berry, ILVE’s new range of colours has the shade to suit all tastes.

The new, bespoke colour options are available for the brand’s best- selling free-standing ovens, including the Quadra – ILVE’s flagship cooker. Also available in this customisable option are the Magestic and the Nostalgie series.

Famous for its stunning handmade kitchen appliances, ILVE is the quintessential Italian brand, and is the perfect fit for those who are passionate about cooking.


Construction Meets Science

H4 Living has introduced a range of newly-developed materials, which greatly improves the company’s building science technology. Most current insulation materials tend to perform poorly when controlling heat, however the new materials in H4 Living’s building system can reflect up to 97 per cent of radiant heat. Unlike most traditional homes, the results offer homeowners truly exceptional comfort at great value.

H4 Living is continuously finding new ways to provide healthier and safer homes to its clients. This new, fibre-free insulation technology provides excellent acoustics to a home, and it has an exceptional barrier that protects against conductive heat, humidity and vapour penetration. The indoor air quality of a home is also improved when used in conjunction with a filtered natural air ventilation system. It maintains indoor humidity and stabilises temperature, which results in a healthy and comfortable home. For more information, visit the company website.


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