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The BBQ/Fire Pit by unique Fire Pits is uniquely designed to be incredibly versatile. it features a swinging grill that allows you to easily place your meat or vegetables on or off the grill when needed. the grill also features a height-adjustment wheel, so you have total control over the heat.

The BBQ/Fire Pit doubles as a spit rotisserie, which allows you to install a small motor and cook succulent roasts with ease. once the cooking is done and it’s time to relax by a warm fire, you can simply remove the grill and the barbecue will turn into a fire pit that no one will be able to resist congregating around.

Its clever design includes a heat-resistant outer rim and can be easily cleaned without dirtying your hands.

Unique Fire Pits’ other best-selling product is the Cauldron, which is a fire pit that resembles a dish and is made from 8mm-thick cast iron. it is highly durable and will last a lifetime. this is in contrast to many alternative fire pits on the market today, which are made from steel and will rust over time.

The Cauldron is completely maintenance-free, and comes with a small hole in its base for water drainage. it is independent from the base, but the base is still included in the price. You can choose from either a 100mm-, 150mm- or 300mm-high base to suit your needs. the Cauldron is currently available in diameters of 800mm, 1000mm, 12000mm and 1500mm.