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The Ecologie Group The Ecologie Group The Ecologie Group The Ecologie Group The Ecologie Group The Ecologie Group The Ecologie Group
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Set in the leafy suburb of Pymble, the brief for this home, designed by The Ecologie Group, was to reflect the lifestyle of a young family in creating a place of nurturing for entertainment and escape.

In its suburban context, the design intention was for a contemporary home that optimises the site development with a simple geometric layout. Land typography permitted the integration of a sub-floor garage and a 20,000L water harvesting tank that lies hidden within the underground basement, as well as the inclusion of a linear swimming pool.

The design explores a practical response to the site, with a minimalist approach of clean lines and concealed construction techniques that is continuous throughout the house. Clarity of form and visual boldness is balanced with a simple elegance that is expressed in the external and internal linear geometry.

The living area flows north onto an open deck and pool area. The kitchen overlooks the dining area and establishes visual linkages within the open-plan layout and extends out to the linear pool to the north.

The change in levels is totally transparent, with an open set of stairs linking the entry garage area to the main living space. There is also the added bonus of a lift for disability access. The internal spaces have an uninterrupted view of the alfresco area to the south and to the northern entertaining area. This relationship of both spaces of the living areas maximises solar thermal performance and introduces the direct and ambient lighting in the house. The horizontal space is further complemented by vertical louvres and the feature polished concrete floor. The connection to the upper floor sleeping quarters and bathrooms is cleverly concealed and provides maximum acoustic privacy.

Each element of the house reveals an architectural purpose and story that transcends the built form of a house to being a family home. From the intricate and emotional details embodied in the personal spaces of the bedroom and bathrooms, to the fusion of communal open spaces linked between indoor and outdoor, the home reveals the persona of a family as their own place for nurturing, entertainment and escape.

The Ecologie Group is an architectural company and provides a series of design and documentation services for ecological sustainable residential design. This encompasses eco-architects, ESD consultants, project managers, standard eco-homes and eco-seminars to explain how eco design really works.

The support company is Eco Supply Depot, which sources eco products and can provide all material, from wall frames to roof trusses, windows, insulation, roofing and flooring – all at a guaranteed quality and cost.

All of the building designs by the design studio have a strong sense of eco-sustainability to them, from passive and active solar design to the selection of products. The company generally uses products like Hebel as the flooring system, as well as Hebel wall panels for their improved thermal acoustic and fire rating. These products are produced at one-third of the embodied energy of bricks.

The Ecologie Group design studio consolidates all aspects of the building. Gareth Cole and Carl Wills lead the team from the initial site investigation to determine the energy flow on the site and healthy state of the land. Once the team starts designing the building, the process involves determining the materials and finishes, the amenity of the site and the clients’ budget and brief. Once the design is resolved it is run through a thermal analysis process that determines the comfort level of each room. From there, it is decided how to best adjust the design to provide maximum comfort at minimal cost.

The Ecologie Group encourages the use of larger water storage tanks and the retention of 10,000-20,000L of water, the correct glass to floor area ratio and the maximum levels of insulation. These methods ensure homes benefit from long-term thermal features, with the reduction of running costs, reducing the use of fossil fuels, and most importantly, the improved health of the occupants. Minimal temperature change maintains a healthy body and eco homes are healthy homes that stay comfortable all year round. The houses featured here include The Fitzroy, The Monterey and The CSR House Schofields.




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