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Image Credit: Classic Building & Design

A Home That Has It All


Often, it is a homeowner’s dream to have their creative vision brought to life with expert craftsmanship and for the result to exceed even their wildest imagination. Having built more than 250 homes over the last 30 years, and leaving behind a trail of happy clients, Classic Building & Design exude experience and industry knowledge about quality home design that surpasses its competitors. Saturne Roberts from Sydney Home Design + Living magazine sits down with Mark Wills from Classic Building & Design to delve further into the development of their company, the varying styles of homes built for clients and how they build homes perfectly in tune with the surrounding environment.

Where comfort and modern sustainability meets timeless classic home designs, the team at Classic Building & Design take pride in providing a high standard of service to homeowners across NSW. When you want to create the perfect home for you and your family, look for a company that will offer complete guidance throughout the building process, provide an incredibly large range of distinctive designs, and suit any client requirements. Classic is dedicated to building homes that exude the warmth and charm of yesteryear, while also maintaining a contemporary and innovative style. Wills and I discuss what makes this company stand out among competitors, and why the unique designs and quality customer care is so significant.


The company consists of an experienced team who bring together the various skills required to be a competent and successful building and design company, with many years of experience in the residential construction industry. Wills explains that “Classic Building & Design uses the wealth of knowledge learnt over years of building experience to create unique, sustainable, practical and energy-efficient houses where you can relax and genuinely feel at home.” \

Since the company was established in 1990, Classic have been busy creating homes that are functional and sustainable, and stunningly designed in a variety of
different styles to suit any lifestyle, budget, family-size, or any other considerations. The company “remains relatively small, to retain the personal level of service that has made us so popular.”

Wills discusses how Classic thrives on the cooperation and communication between everyone involved. The company has found through its many years of operation that efficiencies can be found whilst creating uniquely beautiful homes when working with the client and their individualised vision. “With every project it is important to us that our clients remain happy and satisfied with the service, product and commitment shown by CLASSIC”.


Classic Building & Design specialise in contemporary homes, creating spaces that are not only flexible for growing families, but also offer a balance between open plan living and private spaces. These design elements create central energy points in the home, ensuring that these spaces flow seamlessly into entertaining and outdoor areas.

Over the years, the company has become well renowned for their personalised level of service, “Classic can create a unique home based around a look or theme of an existing design or create a new design for you. In fact, creating new, innovative designs is our objective. All this whilst considering the client’s site, budget, and family size.”

The range of designs include Hamptons themed, beach/coastal, contemporary country homes and a variety of special designs, which can be built to suit your ideas and budget. A variety of building stages are also available, from lock-up to completion, and every house – and at every stage – are carefully project-managed to keep the customer directly involved in the process.

The company’s distinctive designs lend themselves to any location – coastal, suburban, or rural – often showcasing exposed rafters, timber lining, dormer windows, wainscotting and plenty of storage space. With an emphasis on expansive deck areas and balconies, Classic encourages people to research a company that has a portfolio of home designs like your vision and says that “Classic homes encompass the ethos of family, entertainment, open plan living, flexibility & are perfect for entertaining family and friends.” 


The core activity of Classic Building & Design is the design and construction of houses that rest easily within the natural Australian environment and landscape. “Our commitment to sustainability and passive energy efficiency, including the use of natural materials and renewable resources, results in projects that are not only unique, but have form and functionality, and are unmistakably a Classic Building & Design home.”

Classic homes utilise passive solar elements, high levels of insulation, breeze paths and smart orientation to allow owners to warm and cool their homes with minimal energy consumption: “Our homes also have low-embodied energy, being mainly built from sustainably managed plantation timber, which continues to store carbon long after the tree is felled.” Visually, Classic homes are designed to sit easily and unobtrusively within the surrounding landscape, combining modern conveniences with quintessentially Australian looks.

Wills outlines why it is so important to have a company that understands your vision and has the industry experience to execute it flawlessly. He explains that Classic “works with the client throughout the entire process, ensuring that you love your new home the moment you walk through your door.” With the company having more than 70 years of knowledge and experience, it’s safe to say that your home will be in exceptional hands with Classic Building & Design.

So, if you are looking to start your home design journey or would like to know where to begin, Wills’ final advice is to “look for a team that understands the unique challenge of building a home in Australia.”

Images courtesy of Classic Building & Design

Image Credit: Classic Building & Design
Image Credit: Classic Building & Design
Images courtesy of Classic Building & Design