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A Revolution in Fencing

Feb 21, 2024 | News

Striving to invent the best looking and lowest maintenance fence available, Ezyclip Fencing Systems has a new product on the market: ezyclip eko paling. This new innovation from Sydney’s most well renowned fencing company combines recycled wood and plastics to create an eco-friendly product that is versatile, functional and stylish.

Standard timber fencing can deteriorate with age or become warped and twisted, and COLORBOND steel fencing reflects a considerable amount of heat – ezyclip eko paling solves all these issues. Due to the wood and plastic composite, the fencing can withstand the blistering Sydney summers and the frostiest of winters, and a colour-coated steel frame surrounds the fencing panels to prevent them from changing shape. This guarantees that the fence will keep its appearance for many years to come, and the blend of styles makes the fencing attractive to the eye.

Ezyclip eko paling is best suited for a modern, contemporary home but can be used anywhere as the colour choices of dark grey, off white and pinewood allow for some flexibility. This unique product is generally produced at the standard height of 1.8 metres, however, the team at Ezyclip Fencing Systems can cut them down to a custom height if requested. Ezyclip eko paling can be installed anywhere, whether it be on a flat surface or on a retaining wall and comes with the option of a matching gate. The installation process is the same as any other panel fence and can be carried out by the professional team at Ezyclip Fencing, or you have the option of DIY installation.