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A Step Up In Business

Dec 8, 2020 | News

While the construction industry met with an abundance of unprecedented challenges in 2020, Stairman is delighted to see momentum picking back up and businesses returning to normal. Increasingly smaller blocks have seen a demand in two-storey homes, which hold 80 percent of the market compared to previous years where it sat at around 30 percent. Stairman has also seen a rise in dual occupancies, medium density blocks and duplexes compared to earlier years, swinging in favour of two-story home builds. As a result, staircases have become as common as kitchens.

Foreseeing a busy 2021, Stairman is keen to provide quality stairs to complement its builders’ exceptional construction. Up-and-coming estates including Freemans Ridge in Carnes Hill, The Oasis in Oran Park and Elara in Marsden Park are all set to begin ground works – sure to create plenty of work for custom home builders.

Stairman has a project commencing for the Aboriginal Housing Office, seeing the company through to the end of the year, where the team looks forward to a little more normality.