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Classic Building & Design

Classic Building & Design is a premium builder of fine homes. For more than 25 years, the company has taken pride in designing and building homes for clients who prioritise value, aesthetics and sustainability.

Driven by a passion for construction, the team aims to think outside the box and create homes that are remarkably unique. With experience building more than 250 homes, the company is adept at managing the unique challenges of every project.

The company’s distinctive designs lend themselves to any location – whether it’s coastal, suburban or rural – and typically showcase exposed rafters, timber lining, double dormer windows and plenty of storage space. With an emphasis on expansive deck areas and balconies, Classic Building & Design homes are perfect for entertaining family and friends.

Specialising in building contemporary homes with a balance of open-plan and private rooms, Classic Building & Design creates flexible spaces for growing families. The team creates central energy points in the home to ensure all areas flow seamlessly from the inside, out.

Over the years, Classic Building & Design has become renowned for its personalised service, which allows clients to work closely with the team to express their creativity and individuality during the design process.

Alternatively, the company can create an entirely new design that’s customised to suit the clients’ site, budget and lifestyle.


Classic Building & Design

Tel: 1300 761 454
Email: info@classicbuilding.com.au
Website: www.classicbuilding.com.au