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De Groot Creations

De Groot Creations

Built from a lifelong passion, De Groot Creations was formed from founder Richard de Groot’s passion for creating something useful and different from natural resources. De Groot Creations has garnered a pristine reputation for creating beautiful, unique pieces of, what can only be described as, functional art. De Groot Creations’ ethos focuses on repurposing resources that would otherwise be thrown away – granting them a new lease on life – as Richard strongly believes that materials should not be wasted.

Whether you are seeking to restore old furniture, or are after a truly unique and personal design, De Groot Creations would love to hear from you.











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De Groot Creations


Mobile: 0432 371 765
Email: richard@rjdegroot.com.au
Website: www.degrootcreations.com.au