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Designer Tanks

Designer Tanks

Designer Tanks


Store water anywhere you like with Designer Tanks. The team constructs stainless steel tanks, manufactured to your size requirements. This allows you to maximise your stored water in any given space to get your perfect fit! Stainless steel water tanks have a minimum life of 30 years. The corrosion resistance properties of stainless steel means the tank will not only last longer, but it will always look new. Stainless steel water tanks are made of steel, not plastic. It has a low carbon emissions foot print inĀ  production and is fully recyclable. Round and slimline water tank styles are available, in a wide range of sizes. Opt for classy stainless steel, or choose from the Colourbond range of colours. Get in touch today!

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Designer Tanks

Tel: (02) 4651 1302
Email: sales@designertanks.com.au
Website: www.designertanks.com.au


Latest Project

Designer Tanks manufactures unique, corrugated stainless steel water tanks that are designed to last a lifetime.
Crafted with sustainability in mind, 75 percent of the steel bought by the team at Designer Tanks has already been
recycled, making this product one of the most eco-friendly solutions on the market.