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Designed and constructed by Felton Constructions, this light-filled double-storey family home is characterised by a minimalist aesthetic and cleverly integrated indoor and outdoor spaces. The clients wanted a contemporary design that was warm and homely, and the team at Felton Constructions delivered an outstanding result. Showcasing a geometric façade that’s complete with external Venetian blinds and custom-designed timber screens, the home is unique among the traditional architecture of the area. Natural materials feature throughout the property, including grey-washed oak floors, polished concrete, timber V-groove panelling and granite pavers. ‘Super White’ natural stone and bronze Axolotl cabinetry were selected as hero finishes for the space.

Featuring a soaring double-height vaulted ceiling and 3m-high, bronze-framed sliding glass windows, the well ventilated central living area is awash with natural light. Overlooking the courtyard and in-ground lap pool, the living area connects seamlessly with the outdoor spaces. Ceiling heights vary throughout the home, and a number of rooms and balconies extend beyond the exoskeleton, which maximises the amount of useable space on the modest 689m² site. Simplistic, high-quality furnishings enhance the strong architectural character of the home, while jewel-coloured art and an abundance of indoor plants and sculptural light fittings add warmth and character.

The property is delimited by steel-frame fencing with stained-timber pickets. Designed by Endless Landscapes, the green areas feature leafy tropical foliage, complementary granite paving and sophisticated resort-style furnishings in materials such as velvet, linen, leather and wood. Founded in 1979 by current managing director Michael Milosevic, Felton Constructions is an industry leader in the boutique custom-builder market. An experienced designer, Milosevic recognised the need for a holistic solution – one that would combat the issues faced in the traditional model of separate architecture and construction companies working on one project. The Felton Constructions philosophy encompasses all aspects of design and construction. Taking a multidisciplinary approach, the company caters to clients’ every need, including architectural and interior design, cost planning and high-quality construction management. When it comes to design, Felton Constructions prides itself on its personalised approach.

The company invites clients to be part of the design process through interactive workshops and extensive consultation. This involvement ensures projects are infused with the clients’ personality, passions, emotions and bespoke concepts, and results in a completely unique and meaningful outcome. With architects and builders working together under the same roof, the company simplifies the experience for clients by eliminating the need for multiple contractors. Felton Constructions is the epitome of excellence in design and construction, and its team of creative designers and master builders can take your dream home from concept to completion.


Felton Constructions

The Terrace
1844 The Horsley Drive
Horsley Park
Tel: (02) 9620 2175
Email: info@feltonconstructions.com.au
Website: www.feltonconstructions.com.au