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Going For Gold

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The Lennox Building, located along the Parramatta River, won Best International Residential project at the prestigious 55th Annual Gold Nugget Awards, which took place in San Francisco, in June of 2018.

The 47-storey multi-use tower holds major archaeological significance for the local community and has been built on a heritage-listed site. It was a project that required a curation of Australia’s finest architects, interior designers, developers, marketers, sale agents, builders, and planners to successfully complete. Australian-based interior designer Lorena Gaxiola collaborated with architect Marchese Partners to create the boutique residences, luxury suites and bespoke sky villas that comprise the tower.

Gaxiola and her design studio were briefed to design the internal finishes and manage the space-planning of all public spaces, which included 441 condominiums, 425 apartments, 14 upscale suites and two luxurious sky villas. The landmark’s historical significance required Aboriginal and European archaeological artefacts to be preserved.

“The inspiration behind this project was especially meaningful for me because of the scale of the property and the attention to detail the project required to achieve an award-winning design,” Gaxiola says.

Taking inspiration from the landscape and the property’s relation to the riverfront, the essence of the City of Parramatta was captured through the materials used in the tower’s common areas, which honour the history of the area between the old heritage Lennox Bridge, as well as the Indigenous Australian ancestry of the locale.

Gaxiola wanted to merge architecture, design and position to form a pillar of the past, present and future by combining old and new finishes such as timber, sandstone, marble, metal and concrete. Sandstone cladding and colonnades on the building’s exterior were selected to recall the architectural themes of Parramatta’s past. The lobbies feature soaring ceilings, sandstone, and river rocks, while the residential corridors showcase customised carpeting with a pattern that enlivens the waterfront style and pays homage to the Parramatta River.

In addition to this brief, a 300m² display suite was also designed to give potential buyers and investors an opportunity to experience a realistic smaller-scaled version of their investment from the moment they walk into the space.

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