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Jetmaster Heat & Glow outdoor fireplaces unique fireplace Sydney distributor
Jetmaster Heat & Glow outdoor fireplaces unique fireplace Sydney distributor
Jetmaster Heat & Glow outdoor fireplaces unique fireplace Sydney distributor
Jetmaster Heat & Glow outdoor fireplaces unique fireplace Sydney distributor

Jetmaster Fireplaces Australia

Replete with wood fire, gas barbecue and outdoor heating options, Jetmaster Fireplaces Australia’s showroom has a range of unique products on display, many of which are not available from any other manufacturer.

The display has been constructed to showcase a range of fully functional products just as they would appear and operate within a home. Situated in a stylish outdoor environment, the showroom utilises a combination of inconspicuous finishes so visitors are able to envision the displayed items in their own homes without obtrusive stylisation impacting their opinions or expectations.

Jetmaster Fireplaces Australia’s Contractor BBQ, an in-built option fuelled by wood and charcoal, is just one of several cooking appliances on display. With features such as a charcoal starter, integrated lighting and a cast-iron pot holder, this stylish product maintains a consistent heat supply while also adding a smoky quality to food that will enhance everyday and gourmet dishes alike.

The Contractor BBQ is an excellent option for alfresco dining areas as it also doubles as a beautiful visual feature. The wood-burning appliance has excellent draw, which allows the fire to burn without expelling smoke into the surrounding environment.

For prospective clients interested in incorporating a feature gas fire pit into their outdoor area, the showroom has multiple designs on display. Two distinct fire pits, the Onyx and the rectangular-shaped Island design, are on display within the space.

Delivering the beauty of a campfire without the hazardous smoky atmosphere, the stunning options within the Jetmaster Fireplaces Australia’s showroom are designed to be enjoyed in any outdoor area, with both functional and aesthetic needs being met to the highest of standards.

An expert in indoor and outdoor heating and barbecuing appliences, Jetmaster Fireplaces Australia firmly believes that a fireplace makes a house a home; not only does it provide a gathering point for family and friends, but it can also be a very practical addition to any residence.

With more than 35 years of industry experience, the Jetmaster Fireplaces Australia team is committed to providing high-quality, functional and reliable heating options. An extensive range of balanced flue, glass-fronted fire heaters; open wood, gas and electric fires; and slow-combustion wood heaters is available, with all products covered by a quality assurance.

Jetmaster Fireplaces Australia maintains an environmentally friendly ethos in the manufacture of efficient open-wood fires, and is known for introducing the first direct vent gas fire to the Australian market. The dedicated service team at Jetmaster Fireplaces Australia offers excellent customer service, ensuring the ordering process is stress-free and streamlined, and after-sales support is provided when needed.


Jetmaster Fireplaces Australia

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