Plustec Pty Ltd

Plustec makes innovative and environmentally-friendly windows that have outstanding thermal and acoustic performance. Far from your average window, they are created from top-quality calcium zinc stabilised German-made uPVC and are completely lead-free.

These windows, which are designed to be double-glazed, use amazing hardware systems with fantastic security features and sealing. As a lead-free material, the window frames and accessories are all fully-recyclable. The frames have been used extensively in Saudi Arabia, and have been specifically designed for hot and high-UV climates.

Plustec can provide endless combinations of glass types to suit various requirements – low-emissivity, bushfire, laminated, toughened, obscure or tinted. Its units range from 24mm overall thickness upwards to allow at least a 12mm air gap. The windows are also aesthetically stunning, available in standard brilliant white, quality Renolit timber foils, or fitted with powder-coated aluminium outer facing. These are simply beautiful windows that are both functional and kind to the environment.

Formed in late 2009, after noticing a gap in the Australian market for uPVC material, Plustec advocates uPVC as the ultimate material to use for windows and doors.

The company is committed to providing outstanding high-quality products, while continuously working on self- improvement. Plustec’s products not only provide outstanding thermal performance, noise reduction, and superior water and air tightness, but they’re also environmentally friendly.

The vision has always been to grow the uPVC market through marketing and informing the public about the energy- efficiency and environmental benefits of using the product. Providing exceptional quality windows in Australia and New Zealand, Plustec is a leading brand in uPVC window manufacturing.