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Rugs To Riches

Dec 6, 2018 | Industry News From Issue 8

Leading textile design firm Tappeti has pushed the envelope with the launch of its authentic, unique and masterful GEO collection, inspired by the architectural forms of the built environment. The new rug range playfully explores exciting combinations of colour, shape, line and form. According to Karinna Gobbo, the founder and CEO of Tappeti, GEO is a juxtaposition of the ancient traditions of hand-making rugs with the powerful forms of the modern world.

“Marrying commercial-grade quality and sought-after manufacturing techniques with the best quality materials has resulted in a delightful celebration of individuality and sophistication,” Gobbo says. “Each piece uses hand-dyed New Zealand wool with shimmers of art silk, and uses traditional handcrafted techniques of carving, looping, raised pile and fringing. The rugs are handmade in India based on designs refined in our studios in Australia and Singapore, and are built to withstand commercial environments or become an heirloom in residential spaces.”

A wide variety of customisation options is available for the innovative GEO range. For more information about the thought-provoking collection, visit the company’s website.