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Sketch Studio 77

Sketch Studio 77

Sketch Studio 77 is an award winning design practice based in the Macarthur region specialising in residential buildings and subdivisions.

Having designed distinguished homes which have won various HIA and MBA awards, the company has faith in providing an exceptional design experience.

Its mission is to always focus on the client’s needs as the team at Sketch Studio 77 understands that all clients are unique. It carries out a personalised approach for each client to ensure that its clients have the company’s complete focus and needs are met.

Priding itself in providing designs that are tailored towards its client’s wants, Studio Sketch 77 also prioritizes design flair. The team specializes in residential design allowing it to push the absolute limits of design with innovative solutions on maximising the potential of each project. Having close ties and working with local builders, Studio Sketch 77 can offer affordable building solutions for all types of residential construction.

Being heavily involved in the industry for over a decade, those at Studio Sketch 77 understand how important it is to have the best experience possible and it always strive to provide an exceptional service to each and every one of its clients from start to finish.

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Sketch Studio 77

Unit 2, 85 Lasso Road,
Gregory Hills
Phone: 02 9043 1498
Website: www.ss77.com.au